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Locational accuracy of land line phones

Based on the number, you can determine the US state, the city, or even the district to which the land line phone is registered.

The first three digits form the local area code. You will thus know from which region the number originates. The second block of numbers (three digits) will allow you to draw conclusions about the city or phone carrier (mobile or land line).

This information will obviously not apply in the case of relocation. An exact position is always possible if the owner of the phone number is listed in the telephone book.

Locational accuracy of cell phones

To make it clear: cell phone tracking will only be possible if you
- have an access to the NSA server ;-)
- you are a policeman with the certain access
- have the access to the cell phone and a GPS tracking program installed on that cell phone
- have an access to the iCloud or Google account of a phone owner

As you can see, is not possible (or very difficult) for an ordinary man to locate someone's phone.

Don't worry, here we're not trying to violate anybody's privacy nor to monitor, sniff or track something. Respect to the privacy is on the first place. And perhaps someone here or there will take a few moments to consider the issues of data protection, surveillance and privacy.

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Note: this is not the exact phone location - just showing surroundings of the city, where number is possibly located/registered.